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Lan is a mother living in a country where it’s illegal to openly evangelize and share your faith. While playing a game online, she came across a Gospel presentation and filled out a form to connect with someone in person. She connected with an individual who invited her to church. While attending church someone shared the message of God’s love with her and personally prayed with her to receive Jesus Christ. Lan said, “As they prayed for me tears began streaming down my face…I truly felt a warm light was shining upon me and surrounding me. I learned to pray to God sincerely and know I can now talk to him personally.” 

Millions of people every day are online searching for hope and asking life’s biggest questions – people just like Lan.

Our Mission is to give every person an opportunity to connect to healthy Christian community.

We use websites, mobile apps, Google advertising and social media to reach those online seeking and help connect them to healthy Christian community on the ground in their country.

Marcus H. Stern
Executive Director, UniteLife

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